Take a few moments to read how my homeopathic treatment has reduced pain and discomfit for a number of animals.

Arthritis and Torn Ligament

My labrador, Kahlua, had been diagnosed with arthritis and a torn cruciate ligament. After three weeks on a painkiller/anti-inflammatory prescribed by the vet, things were looking pretty grim. Kahlua was moving as little as possible and he seemed sad.

At this point he started receiving Raewin’s homeopathic remedy in addition to the conventional medicine. He’d already been following her recommended diet and supplements. Within a day or two there was a huge improvement. He became keen to go for walks again, was obviously more mobile and seemed happier. This improvement has stabilised.

Raewin’s remedy has turned his quality of life around which means that his life has been extended. Long may it last!

Wendy Piesse, Dec 2009

Zoe's Story

I have always used homeopathics for myself and my family so when my little fox terrier, Zoe, developed a severe allergy to fleas, homeopathics was first choice. Raewin was fantastic - she took a thorough history of Zoe and all her behaviours, health and personality. Zoe was 9 years old at the time and was scratching her back so much that her fur had gone and there were sores.

After taking 3 homeopathic tablets over 24 hours, Zoe was very quiet for a day or 2 and after a few weeks and a second remedy, her fur had grown back and sores were healed.

The following year, as soon as symptoms appeared, I went straight to Raewin for the remedy and the results were even more amazing. That was 5 years ago and each year is better and better. I have a very healthy and happy and allergy free senior citizen foxie. Raewin has always been available and happy to offer help when needed.

Karen, Dec 2010